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Thinking Like a Leader

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I need some help in leadership questions:
- What is meant by "thinking like a leader"? How do leaders think?
- Identify and evaluate a leader who displays exemplary leadership skills. How does this leader think? Why did you choose this leader?
- In your opinion, what makes this leader successful? Provide examples of his or her success.

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Thinking of Leader
Thinking like a leader means to adopt ways that are aimed to take initiative, lead people and act like a leader. Leaders think differently than common people. They think beyond the limits to achieve the unexpected (Griffin & Moorhead, 2011). They involve creative thinking with critical approach to solve the problems that are generally observed normal by other people. Leaders perceive things differently by considering their both side means positive and negative. Apart from this, they think strategically and logically than emotionally. In contrast to this, other people generally think emotionally. ...

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This solution explains what is meant by 'thinking like a leader' and identifies a leader who displays exemplary leadership skills. Also, it is discussed what makes this leader successful.