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Short Story Discussion

''The Jilting of Granny Weatherall ,'' '' The Chrysanthemums,'' ''The Enormous Radio,''and other stories are discussed in terms of choice of words, their sentence structure, their length of the paragraphs, etc.

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1. As you dissect point of view, please notice Porter's unique style. For example, Porter's story achieves a rhythm by alternating between Granny's thoughts and then the outer reality of the sickroom. Her striking examples and blending between past and present enhance this story.
Please also mention how she utilizes stream of consciousness to convey the story mostly through the main character's interior monologues. Porter's story is strengthened because readers receive a two-dimensional glimpse. First, they receive an outer or surface perception: the reality of the sickroom. Next, readers ascertain an internal look at the central character's observations and thoughts.

Porter fluctuates between the alternating viewpoints. Please recognize that her use of the third person limited omniscient view is vital. She uses this to show the narrator's focus on her thoughts, feelings and actions. Since the narrator is all knowing and all-seeing, she understands the meaning of the sequence of plot events as she is transported into the supernatural realm. Although the reader is a bit confused initially from this style, the conclusion truly elucidates Granny's passing as she "blows out the light."

Porter's omniscient viewpoint appeals to readers' empathy toward the passing of Granny. In order to elucidate Granny's fragmented thoughts, this viewpoint is effective. Readers are able to understand the mental deterioration of Granny's senses and discern reality from illusion.

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