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    "One flew over the cuckoos nest" written by Ken Kesey

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    Play write writen by Dale Wasserman based on the novel by Ken Kesey I need help with the dfollowing analytical question. Even if you cant get your hands on the play write knowledge of the novel will do.

    Question" Discuss the character of Nurse Ratchet. What does she "represent"? What develops her character.

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    Nurse Ratchet is symbolic of this oppressive force that also represents modern day society. Even her nickname, "Big Nurse" says a lot regarding her persona for she appears to be like a juggernaut in the face of the patients. As a result of Nurse Ratchet's controlling manner, she causes the men to live in a state of fear and oppression within the ward hospital. For example, Chief Bromden is afraid to enter the "shaving room" for fear of having to encounter Nurse Ratchet and her mean mentality.
    In literary terms, Nurse Ratchet is a flat character, which means she encounters no changes whatsoever throughout the book. She begins as a scheming, manipulative agent of the Combine and remains so at the novel's conclusion. Her depiction resembles the villains of comic books and one-reel film serials in that she asserts arbitrary control simply because she can.
    Much of Ratchet's character is evident in her name. McMurphy pronounces it "Rat-shed" during an early section of the novel, indicating that she possesses rodent-like qualities of working quietly, quickly, and to the disadvantage of her victims. The reader is reminded that rats were the carriers of the Black Plague during the Middle Ages, and Ratchet infects the hospital's orderlies, student nurses, public relations personnel, and patients with her irrational desire for order.
    The name Ratchet is also a pun of "ratchet," which is a both a verb and a noun for a ...

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    The expert discusses the character of Nurse Ratchet. What she represents and her character development is provided.