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Critical analysis help - how to begin and what to write

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I need to write a critical analysis paper on the theme going against "the man" (authority) that is presented in Ken Kelsey's novel "one flew over the cuckoos nest." I need to talk about how his personal life affected what he wrote and the symbolisms in the book. I'm not sure where to begin, how to proceed and the only thing I can think of researching is the background of his life. I cannot find much on the web. I am in AP honors English a junior at high school

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If you need help, the best place to always look is in the library search database.

I would sign out a general book such as: Ken, kesey. "One flew over the cuckoo's nest: text and criticism." Pratt, J.C. (ed). Penguin Books: New York, 1996.

author: Kesey, Ken.
Title: One flew over the cuckoo's nest : text and criticism / Ken Kesey ; edited by John Clark Pratt.
Edition: Rev. and expanded ed.
Publication info: New York : Penguin Books, c1996.

You need to site books as follows: Author, Title (Underlined, I used quotes because I cannot use an underline here), Editor, Publisher, Place, Date.

You can also go to some credible websites such as: http://www.ejumpcut.org/archive/onlinessays/JC10-11folder/CuckooVanwert.html

But make sure you properly site the websites. For example, the above website should be sited (according to the MLA Style guide) as follows: Author, Title (in quotation marks), source (name of website), date, http address

VanWert William. "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest: An Aerial View of the Nest." Jump Cut, A Review of Contemporary Media: 2004. http://www.ejumpcut.org/archive/onlinessays/JC10-11folder/CuckooVanwert.html

If your library has journal articles, you might also want to read some of those as they often have the most up to date and useful information that can help you figure out what you ...

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