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    Character creation

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    Select one character (whom you know or about whom you have read) and write contrasting paragraphs about that character. In the first, try to make the character likeable. In the second, attempt to arouse a hostile reaction toward the character. Finally, in the third paragraph, choose the one you think is more successful and explain why.

    How do I tackle this?

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    Nurse Ratchet is symbolic of a disciplinary force in the chaos of modern day society. Even her nickname, "Big Nurse" says a lot regarding her persona for she appears to be like a juggernaut in the face of the difficulties that patients face. As a result of Nurse Ratchet's controlling manner, she ameliorates the situation in the ward hospital. For example, Chief Bromden is afraid to interrogate anyone in the "shaving room" for fear of having to encounter Nurse Ratchet and her love for patients. The book depicts Ratchet as "just like a mother". Indeed, Ratchet also encourages the men on the ward. Making them feel brave and good.

    The name Ratchet is also a pun of "ratchet," which is a both a verb and a noun for a device that uses a twisting motion to tighten bolts into place. This pun serves a greater metaphorical purpose in Kesey's hands, as Ratchet manipulates the patients and twists them to spy on one another or expose each other's weaknesses in-group sessions. The ratchet, as critic Ronald Wallace notes, is also "like a ratchet wrench she keeps her patients 'adjusted,' ...