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What are some key terms in the world of Theatre and Theatre Interpretation?

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This excerpt provides definitions for a few key terms that you will need to know in order to understand the theory behind various popular theatrical works.

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The IMPLIED AUTHOR is my sense of the author as implied by the work or, in other words, my sense of value. The difference between the author and the implied author is that the implied author, based upon what he/she writes, gives the reader an impression of what he/she is saying and the reader can give an interpretation of that, which makes him/her the implied author. However, with a concrete author, the reader is able to examine and analyze the story on a surface level and take the information at face value. This makes one the speaker of the work and the other the speaker in the work.

The PERSONA is consciously created by the author through language, speaking from within the work. The persona in Momentos is explained through the reflective thought of a gentleman who was shipped off to war that reminisces about the love of his life in order to keep his sanity.

An interpretive CERTAINTY is an observation within ...

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