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    How to Develop a Thesis

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    Following are four pairs of general and limited subjects. For each set of limited subjects develop an effective thesis statements.

    general subject limited subject
    a) psychology power struggles in a classroom
    b) health doctors' attitudes toward patients
    c) elderly television depiction of elderly
    d) work minimum wage jobs for young people

    Select one of the thesis statements draft a developing thesis.

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    Well, the first thing that needs to be done is to figure out what the thesis will be. I'm going to pick option d. It's already narrowed from "Work" to "minimum wage jobs for young people," but there's no indicated direction. Let's say we decide to link in the economy to this option and use this thesis: "Minimum wage jobs serve a crucial purpose for young people in this country, enabling them to learn skills such as cooperation, dependability, money management, and customer service." Now we can add more details that will enhance the thesis.

    Remember that a thesis is a statement of a point of view, and your job in the paper (although not necessarily in the first paragraph) is to support your point of view with evidence. The first paragraph, ...

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    The solution provides an example of how to develop and prepare a thesis statement, as well as how to lead up to it in the introductory paragraph of a paper.