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Communication Climate: Close Relationship

Analyze the communication climate in a relationship that is important to you. This could be family, friendship, romantic, or work relationship. Apply all of Gibb's Categories of Defensive and Supportive climates (http://www.slideshare.net/horanv/supportive-and-defensive-communication-climates) to your relationship and discuss how you and your partner demonstrate the categories of a defensive or supportive climate. My assumption is that your relationship will demonstrate some defensive and supportive behaviors. Provide brief examples of statements or actions experienced in this relationship to substantiate your claims.

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It is very important that the communication climate in a relationship is as supportive as possible. For example when with friends, I always try to use neutral statements when faced with a situation where I have to describe a negative behavior. By using a neutral statement instead of a defense one, I will remain a supportive friend and at the same time, help my friend with her dilemma in a way that will not hurt her feelings or self ...

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The solution examines communication climate for close relationships.