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    Scholarly Sources and Paraphrasing

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    1) Is this website consider a scholarly source LIVESTRONG.COM? Retrieved from, www.ehow.com/...7229251_advantages-intelligence-testing.html

    2) What is another way to paraphrase this paragraph below? Paraphrase this paragraph.

    Since the IQ tests can identify the potential for academic achievement, schools can begin to develop students in a way that takes advantage of their natural talents. If a child's talents are developed correctly, he has the potential to maximize his skills to be beneficial to society. For instance, if an IQ test shows that the child has some talent in math and science, those interests and talents can be developed to help the child get into a medical, research, or engineering field. This helps a society keep a steady supply of people who can provide benefits, making life better for all of their citizens.

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    My name is Jason Blair and it is my pleasure to assist you with some notes today related to the use of scholarly sources and how to effectively paraphrase material. By way of introduction, I am a professor in the state of Arizona, and I am a professional APA editor.

    You have asked about two separate issues, so let me provide with a few notes on each separately.

    Is www.livestrong.com considered a scholarly source?

    While this particular website is full of great educational information related to a variety of health issues, it is not a scholarly source of information for an academic paper. Remember that a scholarly source is one that has ...

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    A definition and example of scholarly sources, couple with an example of how to effectively paraphrase material.