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Doing business in India

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For this assignment, you will assume the role of international business coordinator for your company.Your supervisor, who is a woman, will be traveling to India (or choose another country) soon for a week long visit.
Research the culture and write her an email explaining what a female U.S. executive would need to know about concepts of language context, ethical behavior, personal space, and social behavior to conduct business successfully in that country. She will be meeting with people in their offices and will be socializing afterwards.

Visit this site Country Reports at http://www.countryreports.org/
to begin your research in e-mail format. Cite your sources.

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To: Business Executive
From: me

Congratulations on your trip to India! What an exciting opportunity for you. I have prepared some information to help you do well within the culture.
First, you should call the Indian Embassy and ask for dates of celebrations and festivals in the cities you are visiting. Also, be clear on holidays. Summers are full of holidays on the Indian citizens' calendars. This way you can avoid scheduling meetings or other plans on those days. Appointments may be set, but people will not show up and the people will wonder about your respect for their traditions. Also, you should know that appointment times may be considered flexible to those in India, so make sure you put enough "wait" time into your schedule.
As a woman, you will find it helpful to understand that the Indians have some very specific rules about greetings and relations with women. First, the woman must initiate for the handshake. Men will not offer a handshake to a woman, even in the company of other men from her ...

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A review of business customs, with woman specific information, and culture in India. In memo format.