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    Communication Analysis

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    Language and non-verbals are two channels we use to communicate. They can dramatically affect our listening. Think of a situation where, in communicating with another, the language or non-verbal communication interacted with listening. Perhaps a language barrier negatively affected your ability to understand a message or your nonverbal communication did not match the message and so you were not comforting when you needed to be. Describe the situation and please include enough detail that someone who wasn't there can understand what happened. Now, analyze your communication. What listening, language, and nonverbal concepts were in action in the example? Did you follow the principles? Why or why not? Finally, evaluation your communication. What went well and what did not go so well? Why? What steps could you take to improve your listening and message construction skills?

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    As you briefly think of a situation, I offer an example. When working with a colleague from Russia, I was so confused and offended even when the speaker's tone with me was very forceful. I misinterpreted his volume and ...

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