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Finding Frictional Resistance

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Question: A hydraulic lift of the type commonly used for greasing automobiles consists of a 10,000 in diameter ram that slides in a 10,006 in diameter cylinder (as shown in the attachment), the annular space being filled with oil has a kinematic viscosity of 0.0038 ft^2/sec and a specific gravity of 0.83. If the rate of travel of the ram v is 0.5 fps, find the frictional resistance, F is when 6 ft of ram is engaged in the cylinder.

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This solution is comprised of the steps and formulas required to solve the mathematical component of this question and achieve the final answer. All the work required is shown and the final answer is provided, rounded to two decimal places.

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Because the diameter of the ram D = 10000 in = 10000/12 ft
Length of ram L = 6 ft
Therefore surface area of the ram in contact with cylinder
A = ...

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