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Space Elevators - A Brief History

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What is a space elevator and how is such a thing possible?

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The original concept for the space elevator began with Russian rocket scientist Konstantin Tsiolkovsky while visiting Paris France in 1895. Upon seeing the Eiffel Tower he pictured a celestial castle attached to the end of a spindle-shaped cable orbiting in geosynchronous orbit (GEO). To reach the castle, Tsiolkovsky envisioned an elevator shuttling along the length of the cable. However building such a monstrosity (from the ground up) was clearly impossible. Flash forward sixty-five ...

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This article highlights a theoretical invention called the space elevator. However in recent years this thought experiment appears to have what it takes to literally take off. NASA and some other big names are seriously looking at the feasibility of building an elevator that would go into space and back at a fraction of the cost of today's heavy lift rockets.

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