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Emily Carr's online resources

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Look online for internet sources about the life of Emily Carr. Provide an outline of the sources that were of interest to you. Can Emily Carr still be viewed as a realistic role model for women artists today?

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300 words are briefly integrated to locate resources about the life of Emily Carr and her works. A short summation is included to demonstrate that Emily Carr can still be viewed as a realistic role model for women artists today in fact.

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As you locate Internet sources about the life of Emily Carr, here is a brief outline of the sources that were of interest:

• http://www.vanartgallery.bc.ca/pdfs/SG_EmilyCarr_andthe_TheatreofTranscendence.pdf

This source embodies a highly informative, comprehensive guide to examine the artistic influences of Emily Carr and some thematic connections in her works to the idea of transcendence, in particular.

• http://www.museevirtuel-virtualmuseum.ca/sgc-cms/expositions-exhibitions/emily_carr/en/about/legacy.php
This source fully demonstrates the profound effects of her life and legacy upon art, ...

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