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Literary analysis: Emily Grierson in the story "A Rose to Emily"

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In my English class we are reading the story "A Rose to Emily" and my teacher has asked us to find a similar problem that Emily had (mental problems, depression are the words that are similar to the problems she had).

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The expert examines literary analysis for Emily Grierson in the story of "A Rose to Emily".

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Hello there! I have also read the story "A Rose for Emily", so I hope that I can help you start to sort through the story. I am a little confused by what you mean by "similar problems" that Emily had,(similar to what or who?) so I will discuss issues with Miss Emily in general, and hopefully that will help clear things up for you.
So, in the story, you will recall that Miss Emily came from a very well-to-do family in the late 1800's. Once Miss Emily's father died, she fell into sort of a trance. You may recall that she denied that her father was even dead, which may indicate that she was not mentally sound. After his death, she became very sick and a bit of a recluse. You may also recall that there ...

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