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    Steam Enters a Turbine Operating at Steady-State

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    Steam enters a turbine operating at steady-state at 700 ºF and 600 lbf/in2 and leaves at 0.6 lbf/in2 with a quality of 90%. The turbine develops 12,000 hp, and heat transfer from the turbine to the surroundings occurs at a rate of 2.5x106 Btu/h. Neglecting kinetic and potential energy changes from inlet to exit, determine the mass flow rate of the steam, in lbm/h.

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    State 1: 700 ºF and 600 lbf/in2: Use superheated vapor table at 600 psia:
    h1 = 1350.6 Btu/lb.
    State 2: ...

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