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    Mass of Inertia and Angular Acceleration

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    1. Two slender rods are welded together at right angles and released from rest as shown. The two welded bars rotate freely around point C. Each bar is 10 lbs and is 1.5 ft long. At release, what is the acceleration magnitude of point B?

    2. A vertical 0.2-meter-long slender bar with a uniform cross section is released from rest. It rotates in a vertical plane under the action of gravity. The coefficient of friction between the bar and horizontal surface is 0.5. Determine the angle theta when the bar begins to slip.

    3. The unbalanced wheel O has a mass of 30kg, and its radius of gyration with respect to the axis of rotation is 7cm. A 20 kg block B is attached to the wheel by a cable. A constant moment of 15 N-m is applied to the wheel. At the instant shown, the angular velocity w of the wheel is 4 rad/s. Determine the force exerted on the wheel by the pin at support O.

    4. A bar of mass m is supported by means of a hinge. For what value of x is the angular acceleration of the horizontal bar maximum? (Point C is at the center of the rod.)

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