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    Pulley System - Torque, Inertia, Acceleration, Velocity, and Kinetic Energy

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    A belt drives a pulley of radius 4.0 cm and negligible mass as shown.

    The pulley is attached to a larger, solid wheel of mass 60 kg and radius 30 cm that is initially at rest. The tension T1 in the belt is 150.0 N and the tension T2 is 50 N. What is the total, net torque on the pulley? What is the moment of inertia of the wheel? What is the angular acceleration of the rotating system? After 5 seconds what is the angular velocity of the wheel in rpm? After 5 seconds what is the kinetic energy of the wheel?

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    Net torque:

    Since T1 and T2 pull in opposite directions:
    net torque = T1r -T2r = (150N)(0.04) - (50N)(0.04) = 4Nm ...

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    This solution is provided in 95 words. It uses simple calculations to find net torque, angular acceleration, velocity, and kinetic energy.