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Civil and Environmental Engineering Questions

Chapter 17
Problem 6
What is the cost breakdown structure(CBS)? What are its purposes? What is included (or excluded)? How does it relate to a work breakdown structure (WBS)?

How does the CBS relate to the funtional analysis (if at all)?

Describe some of the more commonly used cost estimating methods. Under what conditions should they be applied? Provide some examples.

Chapter 18
Identify and describe the task that should be included in the implementation of a systems engineering program.

Assume that you have been assigned to develop a SEMP for a system of your choice. Identify and describe the funtions/tasks that need to be accomplished. Then construct a network (PERT/CPM) for the program. This can be a real or hypothetical system

If you were charged with the staffing of a systems enginering organization, what type of an individual would you hire? Describe background and experience expectations, personal characteristics, specific desired skills.

Chapter 19
The text refers to a two-step process in the implementation of systems engineering requirements. Identify these steps and describe how they relate to each.

As a manager of a newly established system "(MIS) to provide you with the visibility needed to properly manage the organization on a day-by-day basis. Describe the steps that you would follow in acconplishing this objective? What information would you include (type, format, frequency, etc.)? What reports should be provided?

Develop an "assessment model" tailored to your particular organization.

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