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Drawing Tender Package

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One of engineering company providing drawings at the end of the Month. I have emailed set of questions to engineering company to include every thing in the drawings tender package. I just do not want to miss any question.....If I did not include any questions which might you come across let me know.

At this point, if any one want to help and provide any additional questions which I can ask Engineering Company to include the drawing tender package....... (Questions can be Technical, Management, Administration)...... Any questions which is reasonable sound good..... No limit for questions.......

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Thank you for preliminary construction drawings and the building repair recommendations. In the final report that will submit to Expo Company end of May'13, we would like Engineering Company to provide the following minimum information that can be incorporated in Expo Company standard tendering package:

1. Drawings
• Set of drawings that required for construction

2. Scope of work
• Detailed scope of work
i. General
ii. Work included
iii. Work not included

3. Site conditions
• Site conditions that will be considered during constructions

4. Permits
• Indicate if Expo Company needs to obtain any permits for this project

5. Recycle and re-use
• Indicate the process for construction debris storage and removal from the site
• Indicate existing materials reuse possibilities

6. Project controls
• Indicate project ...

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A list of questions in drawing tender package.