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    What is the PIV required of the diode?

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    A half-wave rectifier employing a 12-V-rms 60-Hz sine-wave source and no dc load is filtered using a polarized electrolytic capacitor having a small leakage current. For diodes assumed to have a 0.7V drop independent of current, calculate the resulting output. What is the PIV required of the diode? Show how you arrived at the answer.

    a) 33.04
    b) 33.14
    c) 33.24
    d) 33.34

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    Vpeak = Vrms * sqrt(2) = 16.971 V
    Subtract the diode drop of 0.7 V
    Output peak = 16.971 - 0.7 = 16.271 ...

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    Vpeak = Vrms * sqrt(2)