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    Diode Models

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    1) Two identical diodes are connected in series with 100 ohms and a 2 V battery such that each diode is forward biased. Let Io = 10fA; n = 1, T = 25 degrees C. Calculate the loop current if (a) ideal diodes are assumed; (b) VD = 0.6 V for each diode; (c) each diode is represented by a piecewise-linear model that is exact at ID = 1mA and 10 mA; (d) each diode is modeled by the nonlinear diode equation.

    2) A diode operation at T = 300K has 0.4 V across it when the current through it is 10mA, and 0.42V when the current is twice as large. What values of Io and n allow this diode to be modeled by the diode equation?

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