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    Determining Current and Voltage for a Network

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    As source current, Is = 10 mA, this will be distributed into two branches of 2.2 k-Ohm and 1.2 k-Ohm resistors. Hence, current through the diode will be of the order of a mA.
    Hence, potential difference across diode can be assumed
    Vd = 0.53 V (From references, for Id = 1 mA)

    Let us assume current through 2.2 k-Ohm = I1, and that through diode and 1.2 k-Ohm = I2

    I1 + I2 = 10mA == 10*10^(-3) A -------(1)

    Let us assume potential at junction ...

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    This solution addressing two problems, explaining estimation of current through a diode and potential difference across it's two ends.