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Fault Currents and Three Phase Faults

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Please see the attached diagram for the specific parameters in finding the real, sub-transient fault current for a line to ground fault. The same process should be repeated in finding the three phase fault at the same point.

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The solution looks at how to find the fault currents for a line to ground fault and a three-phase fault. This is accomplished by looking at the diagrams attached and applying the concepts from finding a line to ground fault towards a three-phase fault.

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Please find the attached document for the full solutions and diagrams.

Given that the transmission line is rated 500kV, 1000MVA, we will use 500kV and 1000MVA as the base values for the calculation. Please note that, since the question does not give the data about the rated MVA and rated voltage values for the generator, transformers and motor, it is assumed the given reactances for the equipment are already converted to a 500kV and ...

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