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    Tectonic cycle, faults and plates

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    1. The tectonic cycle is a cycle in which crust is both created and destroyed. Where does crust get created and how does this occur? Where does crust get destroyed and how does this occur?

    2. Explain the three types of tectonic plate boundaries. In your explanation you must include 1) the type of boundary, 2) what is occurring at this boundary, 3) the type of features/events that are common with this boundary, and 4) an explanation of where this type of boundary exists (on this one, make sure you explain what has happened at this specific location).

    3. What kind of fault is the San Andreas Fault? How does this type of fault move and how does this movement relate to earthquakes (and the elastic rebound theory)?

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    1. Due to convective currents within Earth's mantle, oceanic crust pushes upward and breaks through tectonic plates in various places. The crust hardens and moves away from the mid-oceanic trenches. This process pushes the plates along Earth's surface at four to seven cm a year. In some places, two plates will collide and the denser one will tend to subduct below the other. As it does this, the crust is destroyed and melts back into the mantle. Thus, crust is ...

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    Discussion of the types of plate boundaries and faults that exist in different parts of the world.