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    Power Systems Theory Definitions and Formulas

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    Hi there, I need some help in these define and state questions

    (a) The fault level of a system or unit in a system
    (b) base MVA

    (c) the equation for percentage impedance or impedance voltage
    (d) the relationship between X% and Xpu
    (e) the units of X% and Xpu
    (f) Xpu in terms of the fault level MVA and the base MVA


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    (a) We use series reactors in a power system in order to to limit the current in case of a fault. During these fault conditions, extremely high currents may flow through the system. So if the the busbars and circuit breakers are not able to withstand the fault currents, they may get damaged and the protection of the system can be seriously decreased. This is called as the fault level of a ...

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    The solution defines Fault level of a system and base MVA in the Power Systems Theory and the relationships between X%, Xpu and base MVA are shown in formulas.