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    Faults Foci and Epicenters

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    How are faults, foci (plural of focus), and epicenters related? Faults that are experiencing no active creep (relatively consistent yet minor movements) may be considered "safe." Rebut or defend this statement with what you have learned so far about faults.

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    My name is Jason Blair and it is my pleasure to assist you with some notes about faults, foci, and epicenters. By way of introduction, I am a professor in the state of Arizona.

    How are faults, foci, and epicenters related?

    That is an interesting question. Try as hard as we can to understand the process and reaction behind an earthquake occurring, there is still much that is unknown. Over the years, however, geologists have labeled certain parts of the earthquake (and its underlying features) to better understand just what is taking place. These three items you are talking about are perhaps the most utilized of those concepts to explain the reality behind earthquakes, and they are ...

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    A discussion about the interrelationship between a fault, focus, and epicenters, in addition to some general notes about the likelihood of earthquakes occurring in certain areas.