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    Find / resolve c program segmental fault

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    Need some assistance finding / repairing segmentation fault in program.

    The attached program uses a random number generator, orders numbers hi to low, displays hi number, low number and should display mean and median numbers from random list. I run "./random2 1 100 20" to generate 20 numbers between 1 and 100, (./random2 min max number).

    My attached program compiles using gcc -Wall -ansi -o random2 Assign2bm.c.

    However, when I run "./random2 1 100 20" for example it seg faults after displaying largest number and smallest number without displaying mean and median.

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    Hi there!

    The seg faults were happening in the following three lines:
    *medval=(table[number/(int)2] + ...

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    The expert finds and resolves the c program segmental fault.