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Ladder diagram for a PLC program

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Draw the ladder diagram for the following PLC program.

A batch process which involves filling a tank with liquid, mixing the liquid and draining the tank, is automated with a PLC. The specific sequence of events is as follows:

When the start push button is pressed, a fill valve V1, opens and lets a liquid into the tank until it is full.
The liquid in the tank is mixed for 3 minutes by running an agitator (motor).
A drain valve V2 opens and drains the tank.

Note that no specialized software is available to view the diagram, so please paste it into word or something similar.

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Solution Summary

Code is interspersed with commentary and is written in generic manner, because there is no indication of the brand or the model of the PLC or any of the components. There is no extra code for fault indicators, lights or display screens but solution points out what fault conditions could happen.

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