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Ladder Logic Timers


#4 and the Figure Above it. Questions:

a.)What type of timer has been programmed?
b.)What is the length of the time-delay period?
c.)When does the timer start timing?
d.)When is the reset?
e.)When will rung 3 be true?
f.)When will rung 5 be true?
g.)When will output PL4 be energized?
h.)Assume that your accumulated time value is up to 020 and power to your system is lost. What will your accumulated time value be when power is restored?
i.)What happens if inputs PB1 and PB2 are both true at the same time?


Solution Summary

The solution provides an analysis of a given ladder logic program. Concepts such as type of timer, length of time-delay, accumulated time values, inputs and outputs are discussed.