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Seal-In Circuit with Internal Relay Control

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Problem involves a seal-in circuit with an internal relay control. Please see attached for description.

I'd like to see the ladder logic diagram as to how the problems are to be diagrammed. I had only two lines of ladder logic for part a, but I think there may be more. Can anyone give me a firm understanding on this?

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The solution provides a thorough written explantion to accompany the two Trilogi ladder logic files requested concerning a seal-in circuit problem featuring an internal relay control.

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See attachment for TriLogi files and a Word document with an explanation which has been pasted below:

Please refer to the Trilogi ladder logic file for the actual logic.

Initially, both cylinders will be retracted, and thus Pr_3 will be one, while both Pr_1 and Pr_2 will be off.

Note about the cylinders. They are adjustable because the air pressure extending the cylinders can be changed via a valve. The PLC code has nothing to do with this. They retract at a constant speed because once the air is shut off, the internal mechanism of the cylinder will retract unassisted.


Rung 1 is to turn the ...

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