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Bode Plots

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Sketch the Bode magnitude plots for the following functions:
(a) T(s)=-10s/(s+20)(s+2000)
(b) T(s)=10(s+10)/(s+1000)

Bode plots were introduced in my second circuit analysis class, but I really didn't think it was important because it looked like an outdated tool no longer in use.

Other than changing s to jw and plotting in exponential increments of 10, I really don't know how to produce a bode plot.

Please take the time to explain exactly how to produce a bode plot and what the important features are. Thank you.

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This solution explains in approximately 130 words what a Bode plot is and a breakdown of the steps needed to complete a Bode plot. The solution to the problem is then calculated and the final Bode plot is attached in a .pdf file.

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For a Bode plot, first calculate the maxima of the function. Divide that maximum value and take the log of the new function and multiply by 20. This will give you the answer in dB and maximum value will be ...

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