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Systems and Simulation: Bode Plots

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For a "notch" filter with transfer function P(s) = [s^2 + 0.1s + 1]/[s^2 + 10.1s +1]
i) Sketch the asymptotic Bode magnitude plot on a piece of logarithmic graph paper
ii) Correct your asymptotic sketch at 0.5, 1 and 2 times the value of each corner frequency, and
iii) Make a reasonable sketch of the Bode phase plot on a separate pice of logarithmic graph paper.

Write the transfer function D(s) for a transport delay of T seconds and, mathematically or otherwise, show that its frequency response has a constant magnitude of 0dB and an angle of -wT radians.

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Solution Summary

Bode plot of P(s) done in MATLAB.
Function is broken down in to two factors.

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