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QUESTIONNAIRE in English Class

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In my english class i have to write a propasl, and i choose to write a proposal on the libray doors at my school. the doors are very difficult to open even for young people like my self. i need you to read over this questionnarire and to tell me if the questions are relavent. If you have any other questions that you feel should be included feel free to suggest them.There are four double doors on front of the library and they seem to pivot slightly in ward when opening. The odd pivot opening of the door makes the doors vary heavy and awkward to open. The problem: The front doors to the library. do the questions cover the reasons why the doors should be altered or replaced. 1. Congestion: the doors are really heavy and sometimes the inability to open them causes a congested flow of traffic in and out of them. The doors do not open up very wide. 2. Inconvenience for the handicapped: because the handicapped doors are being used by others patrons to avoid having to use the heavy doors provided. 3. Possible physical strain caused by the extreme heaviness of the doors We will research these more thoroughly before presenting them in our final draft this is how i feel about the doors as you can tell im in over my head, after all im a biology major, so please help. For many library patrons the doors to front entrance are very difficult to manage. The doors are very heavy and open in an awkward pivot. This design of the doors makes the entrance small and thus congested. Many patrons choose to use the handicapped doors so they don't have to muscle the heavy doors.

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Your questionnaire seems good. I just a have a few comments.

You may consider numbering the questions for ease in communication. You may also group some questions together that deal with assocaited topics.

A questionnaire ...

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The expert examines questionnaires in english class. The possible physical strain caused by the extreme heaviness of the doors are determined.

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