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Technology and Assessment

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Technology is all around us. There is no escaping the fact that we live in a technological world that is changing daily. Our students today are often very tech-savvy and respond well to technology based activities.

How will you use technology in your higher education classroom? What are some simple ways you can integrate technology into your everyday instruction? How can technology be used for assessment? Discuss at least two ways technology can be used to enhance you course design.

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I will be using technology to create infinite quiz questions and then using technology to use the quizzes instead of homework with multiple attempts and the highest grade retained in the grade book. The course management system that I use (and the one before it) permit me to create a "math question" that introduces variables in the problem and then allows me to set the variables with a high and low amount and the increment. Then, the course management system uses a random number generator to create a number for that variable when delivering the question to the student. I give the algorithm so ...

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Your discussion is 395 words and explains how technology was used to create an infinite number of quiz questions in a math environment and permit multiple attempts retaining the high score to encourage mastery.

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