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    Strategies for Different Learning Styles

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    Every learner absorbs material in different ways. A classroom facilitator needs to address all these different ways in order to ensure the students get the most out of the material. How does the facilitator's use of multiple instructional strategies benefit learners?

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    I am assuming by "multiple instructional strategies" you are referring to lecture, hands-on activities, etc. According to Bloom's taxonomy, there are many different kinds of learners. There are those who learn by hearing things (auditory), those who learn by seeing (visual), and those who learn by doing (kinesthetic). In my opinion, every learner has a little of each of these within them, but everyone has one method they prefer. For example, I believe I am an auditory learner. I tend to remember things people tell me. However, ...

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    The solution discusses how the facilitator's use of multiple instructional strategies benefits learners.