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    Techniques for English Learners

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    What are some techniques teachers can use to communicate basic and academic information with English language learners in a mainstream classroom? Would this benefit all learners? Why or why not?

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    According to Chu Thi Huyen Mi, the following techniques are useful in eliciting students' responses in a mainstream classroom:
    1. Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) - Language is for communication and self-expression. Different types of classroom activities to develop the various competences are conducted. The goal is to teach the language by allowing students to communicate as a way of learning the language. The five aspects of communicative competence that has to be developed are: linguistic, actional, sociocultural, strategic, and discourse. Classroom activities are divided into accuracy & fluency activities. The teachers conduct activities that offer meaningful practice, where language control is provided by allowing students to choose when to carry out the practice in a meaningful way. The students choose the language they will use and the meanings they want to communicate with the hope of using the language in a communicative context and exchange real information. Sample activities of CLT include role-play activities, reasoning gap, information gathering, opinion-sharing, information-transfer, and task-completion.
    ? There are factors that affect the effectivity of teaching through the CLT technique. They are the class size, ability of the teacher to communicate in English, ability to facilitate instruction, and the ability to manage the class. Another factor is the personality type of the students. The extraverted types tend to talk more while the introverts will naturally be silent and just prefer to observe ...

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