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    Meeting the Needs of Diverse Students

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    List several needs of diverse students.

    Why is it important to understand the needs of diverse students?


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    Thank you for submitting your questions to BrainMass! Below you will find information that is intended to broaden your understanding of the needs of diverse students and the importance of understanding them so that you can complete your assignment.

    Considering the headings of the text you provided, I have outlined a few points so you can follow the assignment instructions to refer to the textbook. My suggestion would be to consider this as you read each section of the text. You will notice that I have added a Resources section below with the numbers correlating to numbers within the response. If you have further questions or need further support, please let us know. Best of luck on completing your assignment!

    Needs of diverse students:
    ➢ Origins and Immigration.
    o '"By validating the students' cultures and using communication patterns familiar to them, teachers provide a much richer and more effective approach to culturally sensitive instruction than by focusing on occasional celebrations of the history and traditions of different ethnic groups. Children will feel validated in the classroom if they are encouraged to acclimate gradually through daily affirmation of their learning styles and communication patterns."' 2
    ➢ Shared Culture, Values and Symbols
    o This often impacts the communication styles and behavioral reactions of students.
    ➢ Ethnic identity and sense of peoplehood
    o Sense of community is important. It is important to honor and respect it in the classroom environment so that learning is the focus
    ➢ Perspectives, worldviews, and frames of reference
    o Early childhood classrooms often include children from diverse backgrounds. The home to school connection is important for their development. Teachers need to consider language and cultural aspects of the home to make the home to school connection.
    ➢ Ethnic institutions and self-determination
    o Students awareness of these organizations is important to their own sense of being.
    ➢ Demographic, social, political, and economic status.
    o Demographics impacts perspective.
    ➢ Prejudice, discrimination, and racism
    o Defining racism can support students awareness of their own bias.
    ➢ Intraethnic ...

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    In the violent world we live in today, teachers have a golden opportunity to incorporate tolerance into the classroom. By deepening students' understanding of tolerance, we increase their chances in finding their responses to their world. Before teachers can begin to enhance student tolerance, it is important for them to understand the needs of their diverse students. Since different groups have differing perspectives, it is important to know your students and respect their perspective. It is difficult to engage students and expecting them to be in charge of their own learning if the material we give them is offensive to their perspective.