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Families and change

Why have families changed (in being involved and educating our children) dramatically in recent times?

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There are a variety of reasons that have caused family dynamics to change in the past few decades. One of the most notable causes is the prevalence of technology. For better or worse, technology impacts family dynamics and the ways that parents are involved in educating children. Other factors include the globalization of society, easy access to information, changing family structures, and an increasingly multicultural society.

Technology has advantages and disadvantages. Some parents and teachers capitalize on the strengths of technology to keep parents informed. By using emailed progress reports or online gradebooks, parents can be aware of exactly where their children are. Schools can also use websites and email, as well as automated phone calls, to provide announcements about school-related events and needs. Many parents find these tools a valuable way to stay ...

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This solution briefly explains some of the reasons why families (in regards to involvement in education) have changed.