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    Classroom problem behavior and the results

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    What are some ineffective responses to problem behavior and what are the results when they are used?

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    The question is posed in an unusual way, where usually literature cites what works or successful positive behavior management techniques. But the first ineffective response to problem behavior that comes to mind is yelling. There are some environments where this is traditional and the protocol. Often, students are so used to it that they almost subtly expect it but ultimately reject it and tune out what is being said, which only makes a teacher more frustrated and demeaned to do it again or more. So apathy and ignoring the teacher is a regular response and a much waste of time.

    If the students are older they might rebel or follow up with more or different inappropriate behavior, compounding the initial problem.

    Another issue deals with rules. It is really critical that students know what the rules are and the consequences of a classroom rule violation. If a student violates a rule, it must be addressed immediately. Surely, the rules must be age-appropriate, reviewed often at the beginning and measures must be made to ensure they are understandable. Then if the consequences are not adhered to the student will continue with the behavior then or another time, realizing that the rules are enforced subjectively.

    Writing sentences. There are many schools of thought on having students write sentences. I have seen teachers really go overboard on that task and what they write is either punishment or a huge waste of time. Additionally, what they write is seriously inappropriate. It is of my ...

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    Writing sentences, yelling and related reactions to classroom misbehavior are discussed.