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    Becoming comfortable as the educational authority

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    Becoming comfortable with authority is one of the first issues that any prospective educator faces. Think about a teacher you liked and a teacher you didn't like. Support your responses.
    ? How did each exercise authority or power?
    ? Did he or she win your respect and gain your cooperation? If so, how? Why or why not?
    ? How did this influence what you learned and who you are today?
    ? How might this situation influence your guidance in an early childcare setting?
    ? Were parents involved in the situation?

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    When thinking back to teachers I have had, my favorite was a Spanish teacher I had in 8th grade, The reason I liked and respected her was because she was firm and fair in all she did. She had very high expectations of all her students, both academically and behaviorally. There were never any surprises, which I appreciated. On the reverse side, though, was my least favorite teacher types: inconsistent, unprepared, and incapable of managing the classroom. I had a number of them throughout my years of education, which always saddened and angered me, as I knew, especially at the college level, that I was being cheated. I have always been compliant with ...

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