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    support systems for students with disabilities

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    How important are support systems for students with disabilities? How important are they for the special education teachers?

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    How important are support systems for students with disabilities? How important are they for the special education teachers?

    First of all, I can not write this for you. If you use my sentences, the teacher might notice that this is not your language, and then suspect you of plagiarism.

    Look through all class notes and textbook(s) ideas about this. Brainstorm and take notes as you survey/review your notes and books. Think. Quote your teacher whenever possible. Use citations to support anything you say. Be very careful if you want to re-write what I send you. It is one thing to briefly summarize or paraphrase in your own words and another to sort of cut and paste sentences. Having had 29 years of teaching experience reading papers, most of it at the college and university level, I can tell you I recognize it at once, particularly if I've seen previous examples of your work.

    Support systems are very important for ALL students, even you. They include your parents, your friends at home, your classmates, your teacher, the writing clinic if there is one, teaching assistants, online help such as this. I taught at a community college for 15 years and I can tell that there were many support systems such as the Learning Lab and the Writing Center for students, many of whom did have disabilities. I am talking about adult students.

    Support systems are important for students with disabilities from birth onward. In the community where I taught in Wisconsin, in a fairly affluent district, there were pre-school facilities. Parents could drop off children with a host of disabilities, ranging from autistism to cerebral palsy through muscular dystrophy, mental retardation, learning disabilities, emotional disabilities and other disabilities. Some communities, such as my brother's near Chicago, had a service for his son, who had muscular dystrophy. Nurses would come in to care for little Jimmy at regular intervals so that one or the other of my nephew's parents could go to work. Part of their support system was the closeness of the family, the nuclear family and the extended family such as aunts, cousins, and grandparents.

    Support systems are also important to the teachers to help maximize their impact on all students, not just on students with disabilities.

    A support system in a kindergarten through ...

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