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    Examples of objectives

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    This solution gives some examples of objectives.

    Instructor Comments: For this assignment we are going to identify 3-5 learning objectives that are loosely related to your research topic. If your topic does not lend itself to the assessment process then you may be creative in your application of the learning objectives and the assessment process. Please let me know if you have any questions about this process or your specific research topic. Also, please make sure that you provide examples of both traditional and non-traditional examples of the assessment process.

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    After choosing your topic and overall research question, it will be easier to formulate specific learning objectives. I would suggest choosing a strong research topic first.

    Here are examples of learning objectives. Again, once you have your chosen topic and research question, I will gladly assist you with objectives.

    I've given you samples using the topic of Bullying and Antibullying. Since I am a middle school teacher, we focus on this teaching lesson quite ...