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    Capacity and Motivation Interventions: Toward Minimizing the Performance Gap

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    1. Briefly describe a performance gap in your organization.
    2. Describe how a Capacity and Motivation intervention might help address the performance gaps identified in Q1.
    3. Write a 200-300 word description of a possible Capacity and Motivation intervention that might address the performance gap identified in Q1.

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    Performance gap
    Performance gap, as defined by an online source, is the difference between the current situation and the intended situation. By analyzing the gap, one would be able to identify the extent by which an organization has attained its predetermined goals and objectives (http://www.businessdictionary.com/definition/performance-gap.html).

    Capacity and Motivation intervention to address the performance gap
    Capacity is related to the ability of the organization to produce and meet demand for its goods and services. This is made possible through the presence of adequate and reliable resources that are utilized for the production of goods and services. Resources that make up the capacity of the organization may be tangible or intangible in nature. Tangible resources are buildings, ...

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    Performance gap is the difference between intended and actual levels of performance. To analyze and address the gap, one must determine the weaknesses and inadequacies in the company's resources. Identified weaknesses and inadequacies, determined after thorough analysis of related factors, could provide a basis of designing intervention strategies.