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    Using Technology in the Classroom

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    What are some of the steps to start using technology in a classroom and the seven principles of effective instruction?

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    When choosing what technology to use in a classroom whether online or a traditional classroom the teacher should strive to encourage contact between the students and themselves. They should develop cooperation in working with all their students. Teachers should give their students prompt feedback for their work. They should always give the students plenty of time to work on projects, papers and discussion assignments. We should also encourage the students in everything they do for the course. We should also respect each other for our individual talents and the way that each of us learns (Brookfield, 1995).
    Instructors can arrange their courses by offering office hours for a ...

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    This is an essay that discusses what a teacher should make sure of when planning to use various technology in their classrooms. A few learning management systems are listed. A reference is provided.