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    Lesson Planning Definitions

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    I could use some help with the rest of my lesson plan, parts 4b-9b.The lesson plan template and first 4 questions are attached.

    This Lesson Plan is being used to teach elementary school students how to identify patterns which is a useful skill in the learning of mathematics. As the learning progresses in mathematics the ability or skill in identifying and following patterns becomes essential. The lesson plan has a format that is used to organize the teacher's communication processes. The topics that are included in this particular lesson plan include: general information, expectations of the students, pre-assessment associated with the students, environment, and resources;the content that includes what is to be taught and how it is to be taught, how is the communication going to be verified, how is the new skill going to be practiced, what is going to conclude the lesson, and how is the teacher going to figure out what occurred.

    The attached document shows that the student had a good grasp of the content and the task associated with getting the content into the students' minds.

    As you read the attached lesson plan and the solution provided, the definitions, clarifications and explanations should be valuable to anyone preparing an exploratory lesson plan.

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    4B. The content for the new learning relates to the patterns that will be explored. It explains the need for the understanding of the study of the patterns. It is the teacher's responsibility to have a clear picture in their mind of the patterns that are expected. This appears to be an exploratory situation. The clear picture may not be readily apparent and the creativity of the students must not be underestimated.

    The teaching strategy is an exploratory strategy. It is hands-on. The teacher lends some input through modeling the patterns initially.

    5. The consolidating ...

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