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    Leaving plans for a substitute teacher

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    It is very important to have clear, specific plans for a substitute teacher when the regular teacher will not be in the classroom. This solution includes useful items that should be included in a substitute teacher plan.

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    I leave very specific plans for the substitute, with lots of information. The plan can easily be saved on your computer, then the specific lesson information updated whenever necessary. The substitute folder is separate and is used as a backup and as a resource for school procedures. The only time the folder should be the lone resource for the substitute is if you have an emergency and cannot get daily plans to the classroom. The substitute folder should be available, along with the day's plans. Remember that substitute teaching can be a hard job, so the better your plans are, the easier your job will be when you return!

    Substitute teacher plan should include:

    - A note to the substitute telling ...

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    Solution includes suggestions on what to include in plans for a substitute teacher.