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    Creating a Lesson Plan About Native Americans

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    Please help me create a lesson plan for: Native Americans - A Thematic Integrated Unit for 4th Grade focusing on the Navajo, Sioux, Iroquois Indians, and Algonquin

    Give examples of the issues that can be described in your rationale - language and culture, learning styles, active participation in the classroom, learning strategies in a specific area of the lesson, development of thinking skills and the transfer process, students' empowerment, parental involvement, and others.
    You are to give a clear explanation as to how this interdisciplinary unit addresses the needs of the students in General and Special Education as well as the needs of the English Language Learners, how it may be beneficial for them, and what would be your techniques to reach out for this diverse population.

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    Go into great detail about why this lesson is important to your students. Historical meanings, cultural understanding....that sort of thing.
    Then think about the students in ANY given 4th grade class. Every year the group will have different needs, personalities and learning styles. How can this lesson adapt and interest the majority, time after time. How will you present the lesson with interest? Will you show video clips and have question and answer periods? Will you create art projects from the theme? Will you take a field trip to an area that supports Native American heritage? Will you listen to various songs from the culture? Will you discuss how each culture differed? How do they differ from ours?
    Go on and on with lists like this.

    How will you make the students self learners? Maybe create a project they have to research and create at home. ...

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    When creating a lesson plan, the teacher needs to consider all the various learning styles and capabilities within the classroom. How can it be advanced or lowered for individual needs?