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    Poverty in United States in spite of prosperity in 1950s

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    1. Rise of Middle class but poverty persists

    2. Poverty to a group of people as result of wealthy migrated to suburbs

    3. Condition of African Americans during 1950s

    4. Desperate condition of Hispanics

    5. Failure of the government Program for Native Americans

    6. The condition of people who lived in the Appalachian region

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    During 1950, there was an upsurge of the middle class population. The burgeoning economy reduced the poverty drastically, but even at the end of 1950, poverty continued unabated in American society. There were people who were socially, economically and politically backward. Civil Rights Movement brought the condition of these people to the national attention.
    Farmers faced unpleasant conditions in the midst of general prosperity. When there was widespread competition and agriculture fell into the hands of corporates, many farmers were forced to leave the field.
    When the wealthy shifted to suburbs, there left only single mothers, elderly, immigrants from Puerto Rica and Mexico, rural Americans, whites and blacks and those who were in the overfilled slums. The general prosperity remained far for those stayed in the ...

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    This solution describes about the poverty experienced by the poor sections of society during 1950s. They were farmers, single mothers, immigrants, African Americans, Native Americans and people living in the Appalachian region