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Writing and Representing (Drama and story telling)

Please help with the following problem.

This job defines writing and explains why do we teach it. It further defines representing.

It explores these questions:

How is it similar to writing? How is it different from writing? Drama and storytelling are two language oriented forms of representing.

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First of all, as you examine what is writing, you might suggest that it is a written expression of one's ideas, emotions, thoughts, reactions, feelings, and creativity. It is a way for students to express themselves, understand texts, and connect curricular content areas.

As you discuss why do we teach it, it is a great method to promote students' freedom of expression, understanding, and comprehension of ideas, texts, topics, etc. We also teach it in order for kids to use various writing modes in the real world since every job ...

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The following posting discusses writing and representing (drama and story telling) are the focal genres of English instruction. Various techniques are also offered.